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I'm sebastian and the world is a FUCKED UP PLACE..

My #wcw @rileyreidx she is sooo fine 😍😍  hella 🍰

Candice Swanepoel

…man, just looking at it gives me joy


…man, just looking at it gives me joy

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I’m cool……💯🍕

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Dude really. ….. … . … 👽
Citizen - Tracking Time



And I hear you’ve ended up fine.

And I’ve heard you’re making out alright.

I’ve heard you still don’t like the cold outside,

And I’ve heard you still got trouble tracking time.

And I heard you said one time,

That I never even fucking cross your mind.

I guess I’ll act like that’s fine,

But you should know that you cross mine all the time.

This song is my ANTHEM

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Iolanta By Alexey Tyurin